Our Strategy

 “Unlock Potential,
    Embrace New       Ideas
    and Models Lets   Build Africa    Together“.


Uganda alone has over 40 million people that can  raise millions of dollars  to  support Research development. Strategically,  WIN Africa Research Centre plans to create Research Clubs in over 50 Universities, if each University Research Club can at least come up with 10 Unique Research Ideas each year, We shall  have 500 Research ideas  and in 5 years we shall have 2500 Research Projects.  if only 500 of them can be implemented, we shall create not less than 5000 jobs, widen tax base and increase exports.

WIN-ARC Strategy 2018-2032

Based on Economic situation in Africa, the WIN Africa Research centre partners with International and Local African Institutions, Government and Private Companies to support, train, Sponsor and conduct Research Competitions to result Oriented researchers to promote Idea Production across Africa In close collaboration with higher education institutions the WIN-ARC strives to create optimal conditions for the development and international integration of Africa research. We pay particular attention to the promotion of young result oriented researchers. In addition we accept evaluation mandates in order to ensure that University research Clubs or Individuals funded by WIN-ARC and other stakeholders deliver the highest quality Unique problem Solving Research Ideas/Projects.