Our History

“Unlock Potential,
Embrace New Ideas
and Models”

Over 40million Ugandans can  raise millions of dollars support Researchers, over 50 Universities if each University Research Club brings 10 Research projects each year We shall be having 500 Research Ideas, in 5 years we shall be having 2500 lets may implement 500 ideas we shall create jobs, increase tax base and increase exports.



The Idea behind Web Info-Net is a private limited IT Business Solution company, formed in 2010 by the ICT Experts from Different fields and now the company has grown strong in service delivery and research in solving Business Issues. Web info-net in Uganda medium sized companies Top100 Award Winner 2014/2015, 2015/2016, 2016/2017, 2017-2018

Web Info-Net is comprised of professionals: Computer Network engineers, Web & Mobile Application developers, and Database Developers, Procurement Officers & Marketers, Managers and Research experts. The Company boasts of over 8years of combined team experience in addition to prior individual experience in ICT.

2012 - 2017

Early Formative Years

The idea behind company formation Mubangizi Emmanuel and Alex Mwebaze originated in 2012 .as Incubation Center for ICT and Business Practical Training, handling different Institutions/Universities that want to put into practice what they attained at their academic Institutions.

2017- TODAY

The Growth Trajectory

The idea behind company formation originated in 2017 Despite Africans trying to do Research and donor support over a long period, Research has not taken shape that can solve African or World problems, it remains a binding constraint to development, especially in Africa. Implementing collaboration of African Universities and making Research clubs adds to the imperative of doing better. Intensified scrutiny among all partners in development of approaches to capacity building points to the importance of focusing Research and make policies, practices, and incentives on the retention and effective utilization of capacity at the individual Researchers, institutional, and societal levels. In parallel,

The challenge ahead is to operationalize the collaboration of Universities to make Research clubs, University African Association for Researchers and coordinating University Student Research Competitions under Applied and basic Research and WIN Africa Research Centre in Collaboration with All African Universities to Train Research and guide, mobilise funds to Research and to ensure local Production.